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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Have you seen "What the @!*? (bleep) do we know?"

If you haven't, you need to see it. It's a great movie. The premise is that the universe is a hologram. The universe is mental. The universe is first created inside our heads and then manifests in three dimensions. Although it is more simultaneous than that last sentence describes. So it is with that idea in mind that I am going to attempt to describe Phoenix Coffee's ideal wholesale coffee customer. We have more than one customer that resembles this customer quite closely if not exactly. But I thought it would be fun to put it in words, in a verbal picture, just for reference, and so the universe really knows what I am looking for. And by the way, Universe, please know that I am very thankful for the great and wonderful customers that I already have.

Phoenix Coffee's Ideal Wholesale Customer, let's call him Larry, is someone who loves coffee and espresso drinks. Larry has an appreciation for good food as well, and appreciates intelligence, attention to detail, creativity and integrity. Larry is willing to pay a fair price for great product, but also expects great service and wants to get a deal or a freebie once in a while, simply because he is a kind and respectable person who treats us well. Larry is an outstanding business owner, and takes pride in his establishment(s). Larry treats his employees well and makes sure he educates and develops his employees so that each employee leaves (although most stay for a long time) having learned more about their job and the world than they knew when they started. Larry appreciates professionalism, which I define as knowing more than one actually needs to know to do his or her job directly. Larry listens to his or her customers, and responds to their requests. Larry lets us know what he thinks we ought to be doing to keep him happy. Larry understands that espresso making is not a simple or easy thing and it is something that has to be approached with a certain serious commitment and consistent attention to detail. Larry appreciates it when things are done correctly.

God of the coffee universe, hear my prayer.
Love, Superbarista.


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