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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Something with a profound taste

Recently, Carol from Cafe Limbo called and said she wanted a coffee with a more profound taste. Limbo has used a couple of different blends; they're still looking for that perfect coffee. It is a Quest, a journey worthy of time and attention, the mission of finding the perfect taste. In this case, I think they are going to end up with either Fair Trade Timor or Celebes. These are profound coffees. Carl still quivers at the thought that I group the Timor with the Celebes... he thinks I'm a bit wacko about this Timor, and I admit, he's right, I am pretty excited about this coffee. At a Timor tasting I once had someone come back and tell me that the timor was the best cup of coffee they had ever had in their entire life, period. And my sister, when she was in town last Christmas, was amazed at the body and the creaminess of the Timor. Normally she puts cream in her coffee, but the Timor already tasted like it had cream in it, even when it was black.

But just because the Timor is wonderful doesn't mean the Celebes is any less wonderful. It was Carl's favorite for many years, probably still is if you press him. I love it, too. We all just wish it wasn't so expensive. It's rich, and creamy, and probably a bit more complex than the Timor since the Celebes also manages to have some interesting acidic notes interspersed that somehow make it even more interesting. Shawn from Expresso Express fell in love with it despite its price. And I think Kiley likes it a lot, too. Tina still prefers Sumatran to Celebes, which I find interesting, but there is no accounting for taste, right?

"Something with a profound taste..." isn't that what we're all looking for?


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