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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Roastery Geek

I need a Roastery Geek. Someone who loves coffee so much that they don't mind being literally surrounded by it all day. Someone who can follow specific instructions (for packing orders, which can be tedious) but who also would have an unfettered opportunity to putz and play with coffee, even learn how to roast, in between order packing. Yes, this would be interrupted by the morning delivery runs, but once you're back at the shop, grinding, weighing, packing, the immersion would continue. This job could grow into so much more, when we find the right person.

In need of inspiration, I just visited James Hoffman's blog, and James Haeger, Gabe Boscana, Tonx and Dwell Time. That's when I remembered that this is not just about filling a position. It's about the coffee, and our love for coffee. Surfing around, I appreciate the blogs of all these young, tinkering, coffee geeks, who all happen to be male (?) So I know they exist. I just need to find a someone crazy enough about coffee here in Cleveland.

Brenden, in his stint as our Bean Driver/Roastery Geek (he is moving to Michigan, bummer) managed to do some good putzing with figuring out a new gizmo for measuring grind size. I am so proud of the contraption that he built. We have discovered that the vibrator isn't quite as robust as it needs to be, but it is a good first try.

So that's the new working job title for the position that needs to be filled, I think, Roastery Geek. The risk is that this will only sound attractive to a select few. But all that matters is that it sounds attractive to the one who is right for this job. Might you know Phoenix's next Roastery Geek?


Blogger gabriel said...

if I were a Cleveland resident, you bet your sweet bum I would apply!

9:19 PM, November 01, 2006  

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