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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best Coffee in Cleveland, Again

Thanks Cleveland! So proud to be chosen as Cleveland's Best Coffee by Scene Magazine, in the reader's poll. We do work hard to be sure the coffee is great, the service is memorably friendly, and the atmosphere feels like a place where Something Might Happen. I stopped in Coventry, South Euclid and the Lee Road Phoenix Coffees today and got a thrill from watching our baristas pouring the French Presses and brewing our Fair Trade Coffees on tap.

Next step is introducing our personalized French Press service, we're shooting for next Tuesday, October 19th. This service will allow our customers to try any of our coffees (even our most premium ones) by the personalized press for $2.50 to $2.95. We'll be setting up a special display in each store where the coffees will be pre-measured and pre-priced in the presses, ready for grinding and brewing to order. Thanks to Pat Mahoney, one of our Lee Road baristas, for coming up with the idea for this presentation. I am so glad to have such creative and smart baristas working with us at Phoenix; when Pat suggested this format, it made sense immediately and we're really excited to be bringing this idea to life!


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