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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

caterpillars and coffee

First we stopped in the Children's section to visit Raisin, formerly under my care, who was happily munching on milkweed. His dapper yellow, black and white stripes were striking against the velvety green, and slightly wilted, leaf. The librarians told me that earlier in the day he took an ambling tour of his new aquarium and seems to have found it satisfactory. For the past three summers my two daughters and I have been raising monarch caterpillars at our house and releasing the butterflies. Yesterday evening we bequeathed one of our charges to a very enthusiastic children's librarian. I hope the library staff gets as much joy as I do out of watching the mystery of the butterfly unfold, and the incidental pleasure of watching children learn and revere the process as well. pictures of monarch caterpillars

Then we moved to a meeting room to talk about the features and benefits of a Saeco espresso machine. We talked about the beverages that the machine will make, including Chai, the sweet and spicy tea latte and mochas and cappuccinos and how much people will enjoy being able to suck back the local juice of Phoenix Coffee. saeco espresso machines on phoenix's website The librarians are excited to promote the fact that the profits from the machine will benefit the Friends of the Library and also help to support a local business. Meanwhile Raisin was downstairs munching away, propelling himself towards the inevitable next stage of life.

Our caterpillars at home decided tonight was the night to construct their silky matrix on the top of the aquarium and to hang by their "toes". Now they have assumed their characteristic "J" shape, and the chrysalis stage is only a few days away. Or even hours away, Charlotte insists. She tells me that they breathe through spiracles and they shed their stripes four (not three) times during their milkweed-munching-caterpillar phase. Then they eat their stripes. When they are first hatched from their egg, they eat the egg shell. It gives them extra protein, just like their stripes. Raisin could well be forming his chrysalis right now. I wouldn't be surprised if the librarians called me in the morning to tell me the news.

If library patrons and staff drink enough of Phoenix's espresso, they just might be able to hang from the ceiling by their toes and form a shiny emerald green, gold-gilded chrysalis of their own. I think John Pichet (regular Phoenix customer and reference librarian) will be the first candidate. pictures of monarch chrysalis


Blogger Christine said...

that was a nice story. i needed it; i've been feeling right nasty. are you going to have retail space in the newly renovated heights library? i love how cleveland heights institutions seem to play well together....

7:49 AM, July 03, 2005  

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