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Monday, July 18, 2005

10 Reasons To Be Proud of Your Phoenix Coffee Habit

  1. Freshly roasted Phoenix Coffee is good for you. If consumed within 20 minutes of brewing, it contains as many if not more anti-oxidants than green tea.
  2. By spending top dollar on Phoenix Coffee, you are supporting a local business (keeping your dollars here in Cleveland) as well as the growers and pickers and processors around the world who are involved in the coffee's production.
  3. When you stop in to a Phoenix Coffee to buy your coffee, either by the cup or by the pound or both, you are likely to run into someone interesting.
  4. Good quality coffee stimulates accordingly good quality conversation, creativity and inspiration (that's why we call it freshly roasted liquid intelligence).
  5. Coffee that has been picked, dried, washed, roasted, weighed, packed, delivered and brewed by "hand" has been invested with a lot of care and attention that can only do a body good.
  6. As a customer of Phoenix Coffee, you can congratulate yourself on being "IN THE KNOW". You have found Cleveland's best-kept coffee secret, home of Cleveland's Original Specialty Coffee roaster, coffee guru Carl Jones.
  7. Phoenix Coffee gives back to the community. As well as being a Fair Trade Certified Roaster, we also contribute to many many charitable causes, from Shaker Lakes Nature Center to Near West Theatre to Heights Arts, and MANY MANY more.
  8. Phoenix Coffee provides health insurance, dental insurance and retirement plan benefits to part time and full time employees.
  9. All three Phoenix Coffee locations are recipients of the Golden Cup Award, which means that every cup you get will be brewed to Specialty Coffee Association of America specifications.
  10. Phoenix Coffee champions professionalism for baristas and promotes coffee quality and coffee culture. When you buy from us, you're supporting an industry leader.

Drink up!


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