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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Grovewood Tavern NEEDS Espresso

Will all of you who read this blog and who have been to the Grovewood and who agree with me about this please email Beth at the Grovewood Tavern and tell them that they need an espresso machine?

They serve fantastic food, from perfectly cooked calamari to their chicken adobo to their filet and crab cake entree... after a fantastic meal, I bet there are many Grovewood diners who would really enjoy a great cup of coffee and a delicious espresso. Saeco machines start at $500! It would pay for itself so quickly! I know Carl would certainly be much more willing to go the Grovewood if they had our Blonde Espresso and richly brewed Carl's Blend. Both Steve and I have spoken with Beth and Tadas about this, but so far, no go. Help!


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