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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hawaiian Coffee Crisis leads to Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto Discovery

Last week we found out that we will not be able to get either Hawaiian Kauai or Hawaiian Kona coffee for another two months. The 2004-5 harvest is sold out and the '05-'06 harvest isn't in yet. This is a crisis as we have many customers (retail and wholesale) who love these coffees! Actually, we've been out of Kona since last winter, but the Kauai is a real staple for us.

So we started looking around for an equally delicious and also premium-priced coffee that might stand in for a few months. And we discovered Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto. We ordered a bag last week, it arrived Thursday, and we had it roasted and in stores on Friday. The beans are incredibly fragrant. We're selling it for $9.95 for a half pound. It's all packaged in valve bags, so to experience the aroma, you'll need to squeeze the bag and force some of the air out of the valve with your nose nearby. AAAHH!!!

This coffee has a relatively mild body, similarly smooth as the Kauai, but it also has some interesting chocolate undertones and also subtle hints of cinnamon. The cinnamon is more noticeable as the cup cools. The acidity is mild, but not absent. Just enough to set off the body and keep the flavor dynamic.

I woke up with this Sunday morning, and its excellence propelled my daughter Veronica and I an hour long bike ride through Forest Hills Park.

Available at both Superior and Lee Road. Soon to be online.


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