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Friday, January 20, 2006

Do not pass GO

  • Your espresso machine dies, pay espresso repair man $650.
  • You're closed for the 4th of July, don't collect income next time someone lands on your property.
  • Local paper runs a story about your coffee shop. Collect $500 in extra sales.
  • Pay handyman $125 to fix broken toilet.
  • Power outage. Pay $400 in lost revenue and spoiled milk.
  • Utility company is testing the water main, and water is off. Lose $450 in revenue.
  • You hire a stellar new employee. Get an extra improvement on one of your locations (collect more rent when someone lands there).
  • You sell a home espresso machine. Collect $600.
  • Lawsuit. Give 3 of your properties back to the banker in order to pay your legal fees.
  • Coffee shop down the street closes. Collect a new "improvement" for one of your properties.
  • Employee you just hired quits. Pay $200 for all the wasted training time.
  • Pay $75 for new espresso training video and add an "improvment" on one of your properties.
  • Collect some warm fuzzies and pride when the health inspector gives you a perfect report.
  • Pay $200 to have your carpet cleaned.
  • Quote on your first catering job. Collect $450, but disburse $425 back to the other players since you don't actually know how to make money on catering.
  • Someone breaks in and steals employee tip money. Pay $300 to bank for repairs and $50 to each player.
  • You hire a manager who gets all the other employees excited about selling more Jamaican coffee. Collect $200 extra dollars each time you pass GO for the next four turns.
  • Fuel prices skyrocket. Pay $10 each time you roll the dice for the next 5 turns.
  • You win the golden cup award. Your store looks great. Your customers tell more and more other people. Collect $1000.
  • One of your coolers needs a new compressor. Pay $800.
  • HA! You think that the player with the most money wins! But in this game, the winner is the one who retains his or her sanity the longest!


Blogger Stephen said...

I found your blog through Writes Like She Talks and love what I see...and wish I could smell what I see, because I'm a coffee maven too. :) This is a funny post, and I'm sure it's true!

11:11 AM, February 05, 2006  

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