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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Laura Bennett co-founder of Embrace Pet Insurance (former regular customer at the Lee Road Phoenix, before she moved to Chagrin Falls) turned me on to Seth Godin's blog. I liked a lot of what I read. But I really liked this:

"The enemy of creativity is fear... In the long run, the enemy of fear is creativity. I'm sure of it."

I'm sure of this too. I had come to the first part of it on my own, that fear stifles creativity. But the second part, while it definitely follows, has taken longer to make itself apparent.

It is this second part that makes it almost imperative that people who are interested in confronting and eliminating the controlling role that fear plays in many of our lives find some creative outlet.

I have learned that I like to write. I find it empowering, and the longer I write, the better mood I'm in. Because bad moods are really just caused by fear. I get cranky because I start to think that life is going to be difficult, fearsome, awful. And then, voila, life is difficult, just like I thought. But this only lasts as long as I indulge in it. Sitting down to write can drive away my most oppressive bad mood. It's just getting myself over to the computer, or getting the pen and paper in hand, that can be tricky.


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