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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

James Hoffman, UK Barista Champion

James Hoffman used an "unproven technology" for creating his signature drink. He created two "stationary gels" that solidify when they are still. One was flavored with Glug, a Swedish liqueur. The gels were separated vertically (see picture) with a plastic divider which was removed after they had solified, creating dramatic eye appeal in the glass. The gels stayed separate in only one of the four drinks in his final round, however in the first round, they all worked. James did a great job at getting the audience excited about whether or not the drink would "work". After removing the plastic dividers (and a loud cheer from the audience) he combined espresso and honey with a small amount of cream in a whipped cream charger to make a mousse which he poured on the top.

James had a lot of smile and sparkle, along with a great pink and black striped tie, and he placed fifth in the world.


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