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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Airport and arrival in San Jose

We did madlibs while waiting at the Charlotte airport during our layover. We then had a little scare when the US Airways agents detained Caitlin, Jeremy, Marcie and Sarah Dallas from going thru the jetway TSA check by armed gaurds before getting on the plane and then told us that the Costa Rican government policy says that folks with a "hippie or gypsy like appearance" are not allowed in the country. They also told us that if Costa Rica deports us, they fine the airlines $5,000 and that they had just deported someone. So I freaked out a little bit, got my adrenaline flowing, and prepared for battle when we arrived in San Jose. After warning us, the US Airways agents did let the four baristas on the plane, however. Sarah Dallas and Jeremy also removed all their piercings and Caitlin tied back her dreds. So in the picture of us, once we safely arrived in San Jose (they did not deport us) you can see the cleaned-up Phoenix crew, with no piercings or visible dred locks. The guy hanging out the window of our soon-to-be tour bus is Andres, who turned out to be an absolutely amazing tour driver, negotiating "I-don't-even-want-to-look-over-the-edge" narrow, twisty, sometimes muddy roads with ease. It was nice to know that the bus was in very good hands, even in tricky situations, like where an there was a car headed right at us in our lane, trying to pass another car. You know, stuff like that. Plus, he was just a lot of fun.


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