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Thursday, February 15, 2007


I am getting ready for our Costa Rica slide show, which has been rescheduled for Tuesday February 27th at 7 pm at the Heights Arts space in the west wing of the Cleveland Heights Public Library. I have been going through all of our pictures and trying to organize them into something cohesive. I am going through Caitlin's pictures right now, which are so gorgeous. She has a great eye for close-ups, and managed to capture some images that are so striking. For example, here is the picture she took of a bag of coffee cherries. The pickers had several bags of firewood and cherries collected on a slope near where they were picking. There was a barbed wire fence nearby, and the image of the barbed wire in front of the bag of cherries is so interesting. The texture created by the multiple layers is fascinating.

Just for contrast, here is a picture I took of the same scene, I focused on the colors.

Here is another delightful picture, this time of Veronica lying in a bed of parchment coffee that is being patio dried. And of a row of workers turning the coffee.


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