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Monday, April 02, 2007

East 9th and Superior, here we come!

In December 2006, we (Phoenix Coffee) purchased Brews Brothers coffeeshop at the corner of Mayfield and Green roads in South Euclid, and have transformed it into a Phoenix. We added ambiance and Phoenix products, and began actively intertwining, interconnecting and building community, one relationship at a time. Sales have increased markedly and we are well on our way to making that location a success.

The Phoenix formula seems to be one part great coffee, two parts excellent, trustworthy and committed staff, one part ambiance and re-purposed decorative objects, two parts community building and one more part of monitoring cash flow. Put together and simmer until it smells right.

Now we have begun work on our fifth Cleveland location, at East 9th and Superior in the Key Bank Center (formerly McDonald Investment Center). Our new address will be 1700 E. 9th, which is funny, because the space is 1700 square feet. It's a blank slate. Not even a desk to use when we go in there to plan, or a sink to wash our hands.

The exciting thing about this is that we can do it as right as we know how the first time. So Polly (our in-house-architect-wanna-be and also my mother) and I spent 8 hours on Sunday pouring over the to-scale drawing and browsing restaurant equipment online. I have also spent some time reviewing the LEED for Commercial Interiors program for Green Building. It seems do-able to live up to the LEED specs at least enough to reach the first level of certification.
Yes, 75% of the interior space has daylight and views.
Yes, we can use low-emitting materials (carpeting, paints, etc).
Yes, we can arrange for a bike rack.
Yes, we can make the lights and thermostat precisely controllable.
Yes, more than 30% of our furniture and furnishings will be re-used resources.
I think we can do it!

Of course, there are other reasons to be excited about this new location. It's a chance to create another intentional community of customers, staff, vendors in the heart of Cleveland's financial district. Bankers need heart-shaped lattes more than just about anyone, don't you think? It's an opportunity to find and hire more fabulously talented, charming baristas and be proud of their smiles, conversational professionalism and coffee skills.

Last Friday, my yoga teacher, upon hearing that we were opening another store, asked "Should I be buying stock in you?" If the formula that I stated above continues to score at these new locations, the answer is certainly YES!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! This stretch of the financial district could use other quality coffee (AND LUNCH!!!) options than Au Bon. ABP has decent products, but certainly could use the competition. I look forward to your grand opening.

2:36 PM, April 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an interior designer (well almost I should graduate in august). I am currently studying to take the LEED exam. If you need any help planning, feel free to contact me, Im sure a real project cant hurt my portfolio!

Breanne Robbins

4:10 PM, June 01, 2007  

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