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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Giant Barista Puppets from Parade the Circle

Here are a couple of photos by Joey Mallin (newest Phoenix barista) of the two giant barista puppets, the centerpieces of the Parade the Circle ensemble, masterminded by Julie Hutchison. The male puppet is holding a tamper and a portafilter. The female puppet is holding a steaming pitcher and a cappuccino. Here is what her thought bubble should say: I am pouring some hella dope latte art for you, dear customer. And his thought bubble should say: Look at my mad cool handmade Reg Barber tamper. Step off and let me pull the espresso, aiight?

Phoenix Bird from Parade the Circle

Here is one of our Phoenix birds from the Parade the Circle ensemble, coordinated by Julie Hutchison, owner of the Lakewood Phoenix. Gorgeous photo by David Perelman-Hall