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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Felicia Latte Art from Lee Road

Too bad the light wasn't better, this looks like a stellar latte art example. Go Felicia Flagg!

Kattia and the Superior Ave Cafe Crew

Here is a picture of Kattia Barrantes, who has been staying with us for the past four weeks, and the crew from our Superior Avenue cafe. Kattia (the tallest one in black in the back row) is a coffee farmer from Costa Rica. She is here as part one of a coffee farmer/barista exchange that was initiated by one of our baristas. I am so proud of these ladies; they do a great job running this cafe. Tina (red head, front row) has been with us for over four years. Theresa (back row in the hat) pulls a mean shot of espresso and is one of our most dedicated coffee fanatics and Kim (front row, arm tattoo) is our newest managerial addition and is a dynamo.
The barista/farmer exchange has been a great learning experience thus far. Kattia will be presenting a slide show about her farm in a couple of weeks at C Space. I will certainly post the date and time as we get closer.