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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Coffee Culture and Economic Development Study

Here's the latest on my idea about Coffee Culture and Economic Development. I have four targets for this project.

#1 (Thank you Norm and George) is Rebecca Ryan at Next Generation Consulting. I composed a long email to her but since it's 4 AM and I think I would present the idea better in person, I decided I'll call her instead.

#2 is Eric Neilsen, Weatherhead Prof, because it says in his faculty profile that he is interested in large scale social change and social theory. But is he cool? Does he drink coffee? Will he get it?

#3 is Scott Shane, Weatherhead Prof of Economics, because he's into entrepreneurship. It's a stretch, but I figure if he's into coffee culture, it could work.

#4 is Bo Carlsson, another Weatherhead Economics Prof. He is interested in the role of entrepreneurship in economic growth and innovation systems.

Any other ideas or does anyone know any of these folks?


Blogger Jim Eastman said...

If you need Weatherhead grad student lackeys, let me know. :-)

I have a team of two other people and myself that will be looking for something to put together a business plan on next semester, and I know I would be interested in doing other work as well.

I'm a coffee geek-in-training, and I really like this idea.

4:21 PM, November 29, 2005  

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