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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Scrounging church pews

Band name alert: "Scrounging Church"

...I guess it's not technically scrounging since I paid for them, but Carl and I just finished hauling two very heavy solid oak church pews from the now defunct church at the corner of Lee Road and Washington Blvd, into our seats-removed mini-van and down to the Superior Avenue Phoenix. Kiley called shortly thereafter and said he liked them, which is a relief since Carl and I practically had a marriage meltdown muckling the 7 footers (did I mention they're solid oak) down the tight cornered stairs that descend from the church choir balcony to the narthex. Carl had one end of the pew on his shoulders, his sweaty head leaning to one side underneath the angular wood seat. I had the other end in my hands, awkwardly descending the stairs backwards while trying to support the pew and make Carl's burden easier. He heard his knees making popping noises and we both freaked out. The second descent was much smoother since we both understood the awkward physics a bit better. But thank goodness a kind stranger offered to help us get the second one down the broad cement steps that lead from the narthex down to the sidewalk and the waiting mini-van, because my wrists were not happy at that point.

Where are my superbarista super powers when I need them? Isn't my red cape supposed to help me out in situations like this?

We arranged both pews along the wall at the cafe, with three 2' x 2' tables in front of each of them, and chairs along the opposing side of the tables. It looks cute. Which is really good, because Carl would not be too happy if I wanted to move them anywhere else right about now. They're going to look even better when we paint the white uprights on either end red with purple trim, just perfect for the Phoenix Church of Coffee.


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