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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The tables are set

The roastery is all set up and ready to go for Monday night's coffee tasting. We will have munchies from Tastebuds for those of you who will be just coming from work.

Carl will be doing a brief introduction about sensory awareness and how to go about trying the coffees.

Julie will be telling us a bit about Rainforest Alliance certification.

We have six different areas set up where Phoenixers will be brewing coffee via six different methods. We will be using our Organic Colombian, certified by Rainforest Alliance.

  • Diane's area, for the stove top espresso, has a red tablecloth, appropriate for the Italian heritage that this brewing method represents.
  • Kiley is going to be making auto drip coffee back in the equipment repair area. Not too glam, but it will be a perfect place to learn about the TDS meter and what it takes to get Golden Cup certified.
  • Dawn will be attempting to make vacuum pot coffee on a butane burner. We made five batches this evening and none of them worked because the coffee got stuck in the top chamber all five times!!! Or maybe it was six... anyway, we're pretty worried about actually being able to demonstrate this method effectively. We're using an old-fashioned vacuum pot, it's Carl's and it's at least 20 years old. The new fangled electric ones from Bodum have been back ordered till March!
  • Steve has been working on perfecting the Neapolitan brewing method. We'll see how it turns out... it's pretty finicky, too.
  • Tina and Heather will be fractionating espresso shots and having folks try both the full shot and the fractionated one.
  • Bobby will be brewing French Press and talking about its history a little and hopefully raving about how good coffee is out of one of those simple devices.

Then the Inter Religious Task Force will be presenting some information about the political situation in Colombia. Should be interesting.

It looks so nice at the Roastery! We hung a new coffee bag art weaving by the back door, and another one in the front education area for visitors viewing pleasure. We've got all different brewers for sale as well as of course coffee, and I'll be doing tours afterwards.

Pretty soon we'll be gearing up for March's event, an Indonesian coffee tasting! We've got folks coming from as far away as Chicago and Baltimore for that one already.


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