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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

10 things to build coffee culture

What can coffee fans do to build coffee culture?
  1. Talk to the baristas in the local coffee places. Ask them questions about coffee. Leave them a nice tip.
  2. Meet the owners of independent coffee shops. Ask them what they love about their job.
  3. Learn more about coffee origins. Example: if you like Colombian, is it wet or dry processed?
  4. Host a coffee tasting in your home. Brew up a few different ones side by side and compare.
  5. Buy a French Press and use it. It'll become your best friend.
  6. Show up to the events that your local coffee place hosts.
  7. Tell your friends about your favorite local coffee place and why you like it. Invite them to meet you there for coffee.
  8. Plan a trip to a coffee origin and tour a farm or plantation while you're there.
  9. When you go out to eat, ask your server what coffee they serve and what they know about it, including who roasts it and what kind of bean it is.
  10. Visit coffee shops in other cities and ask them questions, too.


Blogger guv said...


thanks for the ideas! i always talk to the baristas and usually learn a thing or two.
I have a question for superbarista and am hoping you can offer a reply.
i've notice that many coffee shops in cleveland pour espresso shots with crema - yuck!
imo, the most consistent shot pour is city roast, though we don't have a phoenix in the OC.

so, what's with the lack of crema? inexperience or indifference?

also, my wife drinks lots of lattes and 9/10 the milk is burnt instead of slightly sweet. I imagine this a good reason to talk with the barista, hey?
any suggestions would be appreciated.

we really need to work on creating a coffee (and bike) culture here in clevo. i'll certainly do all i can.

12:21 PM, July 07, 2006  

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